Rooted by our business-focused editorial content, Gery Chico for Mayor is designed for women like you — business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs of all races, cultures, and backgrounds. Our woman-owned media company has evolved over 10 years from powerful content focused on leadership advancement to now leveraging additional empowerment programs for all professional women in the workplace.

Recognized as a leading, multi-platform professional and executive leadership development enterprise that advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion, our nationally-recognized portfolio is comprised of three-core areas: Publications, Leadership Development Academy Workshops, and National Conferences.

Built upon shared-experiences, our Gery Chico for Mayor’s business womens’ network and membership directory provide a forum for established and aspiring women in leadership roles, including mobility of all women and marginalized professionals. We work to empower you as a leader to achieve your career goals through real-world experiences with sage advice, information, and mentorship.

Editorial Staff

Editor In Chief: Carol Levasseur

Design Director: Janine Murphy

Managing Editor: Victoria Goddard

Copy Editor: Evelyn Winkler

Proofreader: Jewel Bergman

Assistant Editor: Rhonda Vestal